January 3rd, 2006


Two of the most useless reviews I've ever written

Just Friends.

Dude. Ryan Reynolds is in it. Parts were funny. Some was annoying. It was a decent enough way to spend $5 and a few hours with friends.

Fun with Dick and Jane.

A lot more 'serious' than the trailer would lead you to believe. Well not serious, exactly, but maybe more.. corporate? I'm sure there were a lot of references I didn't even catch, but my dad would have.
Still, mostly entertaining.

And did I mention the Tristan and Isolde thing? I haven't even actually seen the trailer, I just caught the end, and I was like wait, what? Like..like the Wagner thing? And yes, apparently, from a quick glimpse online. Hmm. Interesting. I wonder how much it will be changed and modified (errr, yeah.. the narrator totally did pronounce it Eszold not Eszoldah.. hmm.. never a good first sign) and if it will be any good. On the one hand.. it's not the 87th version of a King Arthur story.. and that's kind of nice.. and yet.

Are they even using Wagner's music? I bet they don't. Fuckers.

- Ln