January 5th, 2006

chris smile


I watched Ghostwatchers last night, and was pleasantly surprised.

It stars no name actors, and is most definitely a low-budget independent film, but it was entertaining from beginning to end. I'm a sucker for independent films, so I dug that about it.

It's actually set in my hometown too, which is also very cool. Actually the guy I was watching the movie with went to school with one of the supporting actors (Marianne Hayden, "Nikki")

Basically, here's the jist. Laura is an agoraphobic. She works from home and has friends bring her things to her apartment rigged with 4 locks and a security system. (fyi the apartment building they used is one next to the one I used to live in, that was so cool!) Something happened to her on Halloween of the previous year that has stopped her from leaving her apartment.

While in her safe haven, she feels it is now haunted. So, she calls a ghost hunter to the apt to check it out. From then on, it just keeps getting more mysterious and more "wtf?" which is something I love in horror/thriller flicks.

The special effects are pretty damn good for it being low budget, and it was picked up by Lions Gate which is also a good sign. I've never seen a Lions Gate film that I didn't like.

For all you film buffs who live for independent films, I'd suggest checking it out. I got it at Blockbuster for $8. And yes, it's well worth the money. Plus, all the chicks are pretty hot. ;)

Thanks for reading, and comment if you'd like :)
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