January 7th, 2006


On trailers and Rent

So, I didn't quite get around to seeing Rent.. and we've had the extended trailer at work pretty regularly. And it makes me not want to see it.

Not because I think it looks *bad*, quite the opposite. I think it looks awesome. (I was skeptical, when I first heard of Rent the movie.)
I didn't get around to seeing Rent, and I wanted to, except maybe now I don't. I really, really, really like the trailer, it intrigues me, it's very interesting on its own, and it's entirely possible the movie will sorely disappoint me after that.

I just wonder if the trailer outdoes the movie. (Does it?)
And I know this has happened a bunch of other times.. what was your biggest didn't-live-up-to-its-trailer disappointment?
And vice-versa? You know, those movies that you left the theatre after maybe not even wanting to see the movie originally but your friend/significant other/parents/sister talked you into it, and you left the theatre thinking man, the trailer didn't do that movie justice..

There's also something about a trailer though where *usually* I can tell if the movie isn't going to be as good or will be better or the same as the trailer makes it seem. Like for The New World.. man I can't wait to see that. And for Phantom, I was on, and for Tristan and Isolde I expect to be on..

Do you guys do this, too? And if so, do you find your impressions are usually right or wrong?
And if they're usually right, do you think you're doing that 'master of your own destiny' thing where you've sort of already made up your mind? (Despite all my cynicism, I think *most* of us, for the most part, don't do that. If we did, no one would ever start a review with "I saw Movie X and was pleasantly surprised.." and I KNOW we've all done that numerous times.. :)

Whooo! Late, and I'm rambling!

Answer my questions? Or not. Your call. Just curious.

- Ln the overtired