January 20th, 2006


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Oh, god, I'm trying to remember what I haven't reviewed, it's been awhile.. so let's go with quick impressions.

Just Like Heaven

Right about the time I started thinking, hey, does this have anything to do with the Cure song? the movie started with a rather bad (female) version of my beloved Cure song. Ick. Not the best sign.
But the movie ended up cute. <3 Mark Ruffalo.
More serious than I expected, kind of sad, actually. Cute. Worth seeing on a plane. (Incidentally where I saw it.)

Corpse Bride

This movie is fun because of it's simplicity. By that, it's got a light sort of children's book storyline, is very pretty to look at, and is generally enjoyable.
Interestingly, for such one-dimensional (hahaha!) characters (and I mean that in the metaphoric sense, talking about depth of character) there were a few times when Burton managed to make them seem more complicated than some live attempting-to-be-very-deep characters.
The time that comes to mind readily is when.. damn... what's his name? Johnny Depp's character.. is playing the piano with his corpse bride. It's strongly and oddly intimate, and complicates an otherwise (I can't think of a word other than thin, so say thin but without the negative implication) thin plot where JD's character's feelings are concerned.

Orrrr, perhaps just the musician in me thinks that.

Just Friends

It was cute. Ryan Reynolds was in it.

Taxi Driver

UGH. This movie was too damn LONG.
It probably really wasn't, I was probably just tired and done with the semester (had to watch it in class) and honestly I have no idea what I would cut out to make it shorter because it's all kind of necessary, so. Yeah.


I saw like an hour of this. Does it get better? I mean, it was alright.. is it worth finishing? Definitely guy humor. And I don't normally think that about movies, any movies, really.

I thought I had others, but let's leave it at that.

- Ellen