February 28th, 2006


the negative Walmart movie

I also just recently saw Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices, and rather than comment to every single person in the thread, I thought, what the hell, let's piss off obi with a multiple post. (Just kidding, just kidding. But I am posting my own review.)

Okay, well, first of all... I work at Walmart.
So let's just get that out there right away.
Aaaand, I don't hate it. [1]

[1] Well. I'm having issues NOW, but it's mostly a few stupid managers.

As for the movie... this has nothing to do with my feelings on Walmart.. but seriously.. might be one of the more badly put-together documentaries I've seen.
No, maybe not.. maybe just the most cliched.
Solo harmonica, America the Beautiful, folksy banjos, look! We're evoking nostalgia! EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE.
And the Walmart bag blowing down the street? What the hell is that about? Since I'm assuming it's NOT imitating American Beauty, one can only assume it is trying to be all artsy with the symbolism, look it's a tumbleweed through a ghost-town because Walmart killed everything.. please.

Behind the cut = problems with the movie, the violence statistics, things that are wrong, things that are right or could be right, things that are interesting and I didn't know, things blatantly omitted.

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Here's what I will never understand.
Walmart folk, in general, are unskilled workers. Yes, you are. No way around it. Walmart is essentially the retail equivalent of McDonald's. You would not expect to be able to feed your family of four on a McDonald's salary... why do you think you should be able to on a Walmart one? And moreover, why do you think you're entitled to it?
Walmart is legally obligated to pay you minimum wage. Most stores pay a little over, nothing to get super excited about. If wages are a problem, we need to look at why the minimum wage is set so low, and why the cost of living is so high, etc.
And I live in Massachusetts. Cost of living sucks.
But we do get time and a half for Sundays. Yay, Massachusetts.

I understand that it sucks that health insurance is expensive, but guess what? You could not even have the option. Part-timers at Walmart must be with the company for two years before being eligible for health insurance, and some people freak over this.
For a company with a high turnover rate, that's mostly just smart business.
Some companies don't EVER offer health insurance to part-timers. Dunkin Donuts comes to mind. Let's attack them, shall we?

Eh.. nah. We already got this Walmart thing going full swing.
Basically, Walmart is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't.

You know.. I was gonna get into it more, but it's fucking late and I can't put off the homework any longer.

Til I graduate and try for a better job... shrug. Walmart pays my bills and lets me change my availability every semester.

(PS - I didn't have a chance to reread this, I hope it all makes sense.)

- Ellen