March 30th, 2006

damnit lj..

So I just happen to write my next fabulous bits of information and lj decided to somehow delete it, damnit. But anyways, it was entitled my next try at this thing. So let me try to reiderate everything that was in its contents.

I decided to make this about my favorite "horror" film. Everyone has a favorite, the best of the best "horror" film. I am going to have to argue that mine is Halloween. I think that it really takes the cake in this category. Others might say there are much better ones out there such as Night of the Living Dead, The Exorcist, Carrie, etc. etc. But I have come to the conclusion after sorting through movie after movie that Halloween totally gets the cigar.

But before I start to address my preferences here, one might wonder why I am putting the word "horror" in quotations. I think I'm going to have to say it's because of I'm not really sure what that word really encompasses anymore. At one time to me, a horror film was one that usually has a killer or two that preyed on some other people and gave some really good scares throughout. Today, horror means anything. Just not too long ago, I was talking with someone who claimed to be such a horror movie fan. I then proceeded to ask her what her favorite is. She went on to tell me that it was Panic Room. Are you serious? Horror? I think not. It just seems that today horror has warped into a genre for as much blood and guts as possible with plots are just completely bizarre. I mean, I'm not bashing all recent horror movies because trust me there are a lot out there that I do like. And, I'm also not getting down on blood and guts because I do it, sometimes more than I really should lol. But it just seems that horror movies are taking on an entire different meaning nowdays, but anyways, on to my real point here.

As I said, I really do believe that Halloween deserves the title "the best horror film according to me". Why you might ask. Well, I am going to say there are 4 real reasons. Number 1: A genuine/great plot. You've got a crazed psychopath, who also happens to be pretty much silent, escapes from a mental institution. He makes his way back to his hometown where he proceeds to stalk a group of teenagers and kill them off one by one, leaving one to remain alive. This is great stuff here. One might say that this kind of thing is overdone, but I am going to have to reply that at this point in film history, there weren't THAT many. On to Number 2: one word, simplicity. This movie is oh so simple. They don't show hardly any blood or guts at all. They leave it up to one's imagination. For example in the scene where Mr. Myers is hacking up Linda's boyfriend Bob in the kitchen, you never actually see the knife hitting him. We are led to believe that is what is happening. Another example, Mr. Myers himself is very simple. He wears a plain white mask with some hair on it. Simple but totally creepy at the same time. He uses a knife, no power tools or machine guns, a knife, and he sticks to it, doesn't switch it up too much. How much more simple can it really get? I know I haven't said the word simple enough here, but I need to stress the point here that in this case, simplicity really is better, or at least it really is here. Number 3: the natural/human feeling of being stalked. That's some scary stuff. For example, Laurie is sitting up in her room and all of a sudden sees Mr. Myers just hanging out in her laundry and the next second he is gone. There are other scenes just like it as well. I'm sure everyone has felt at one time or the other that they were being watched. It's not cool. It's a concept that works well. And finally Number 4: the music. A friend of mine once said that this movie would have been nothing without the music, which I might have to somewhat agree with even though I just spent a ton of time trying to convince otherwise. But there is just something about it, it's pitch with that piano sounding music that shows up at random parts of the movie that just lets you know that something good is coming up. It's music that is hard to explain, but it's very original and just fits with the movie perfectly.

So yes, these are the reasons why I think this movie deserves my title. It also could just be that my mom was always in love with this movie and still to this day calls me when it is on TV so I don't miss it and watch it for the 340928304 time. Well, I guess that's all I have to say for today. Who knows if there is something I missed because lj sucks lol...well, until tomorrow, that's all I've got ;)