May 6th, 2006


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So. Think it's true that Tom Cruise threatened Miramax, makers of MissionImp3 and owners of Comedy Central, to not promote Mission Impossible 3 (becuase, you know, THAT movie should definitely have been made *rolls eyes*) if they ever show the Scientology episode of South Park again?

What screams fishy is that I'd be willing to bet his contract would have included promotion clauses, but then again, the guy has gone insane, so. Who knows.

(Allegedly Miramax agreed, and the Scientology episode won't air. Note I didn't say won't be seen.. I'd be willing to bet people have it and it will show up on the internet.)

Way to go, Tom Cruise! Nothing will make people want to see something more than a big dramatic threat!
I didn't really care either way before, but I just might have to seek out that episode, just to spite you.

My source is a friend's lj, so. If anyone has verification or debunking, lemme know. :)

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recently watched Obayashi's Hausu which involved a house eating virgins, a head flying through the air and biting a girl in the ass and the weirdest use of color imaginable!#

Anyone else seen it? Or anything else by Obayashi for that matter?

i dunno how this comm feels about advertising, but if anyone of you wants to test how much he REALLY knows about movies, he/she should definitely apply to theflickyoucrew, probably the most knowledgeable place on the whole internet when it comes to movies.
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