May 13th, 2006

(no subject)

I just joined this community because I'm a bit of a movie freak
and this seemed the best place to rant and ramble about my favourite topic
I have a big list hung up in my room with movies I still have to see and it keeps getting longer and longer where as my list of favourite movies changes weekly
anyway so for now my top 10 is:

1. Bridget Jones (only the first one, the second was the biggest dissapointment of my life)

2. Amores Perros

3. The Virgin Suicides

4. Y Tu Mamma Tambien

5. Scarface

6. Kill Bill Vol. 1

7. Mean Creek

8. Boys Dont Cry

9. 21 grams

10.Brokedown Palace

hmm... not too sure about the order of my list, aw well
see ya