June 27th, 2006

first post with a question

hello, first time posting to the community and was hoping someone could answer a question for me. sometime during the 90s an animated movie came out, which i think was called "tac." the main character was a tailor, who falls in love with a princess? i believe it was set in arabia. i can't seem to find it on the internet movie database! does anyone know what i'm talking about?

also, since i'm new. here's a short list of favorite movies:

army of darkness
evil dead 2
pulp fiction
monty python life of brian
planet of the apes
fight club
soylent green
joe dirt
royal tenenbaums
star wars episode iv
kill bill (both)
true romance
master with cracked finger
moulin rouge
chinese connection
logan's run
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Mean Girls Audience Research

Hello All,

Just wondering if I could have your opinions on the film Mean Girls for a small MA project I'm conducting.

1. Did you love it or hate it? and why?

2. Who do you think it appeals to? Does it alienate anyone? If so, is it intentional or unintentional?

3. Why was it so popular in theatres?

4. Do you think it represents any subculture/s?

5. Would you say it represents youth truthfully or does it perpetuate negative stereotypes?

Thank you so much for your input! And I apologize if this isn't ok in this community.