June 28th, 2006


I don’t do regular reviews anymore. And this isn’t a regular review. It’s a, “I’ve gotta get up in 6 hours review, so I’ll make it quick!” (ie sloppy)


Superman Returns is a kickass film folks. You may hear others say the acting isn’t any good or some lame excuse for not liking a movie, but I argue that it’s all spot on. It’s everything you could want in a movie about the Man of Steel.

Director Bryan Singer has not only paid homage to the original Richard Donner Superman films, but he also infuses the franchise with new ideas and beauty (part II was credited to Richard Lester, but a lot of it was shot by Donner – long story that one).

There’s a lot of pathos to be seen in the film. Like Superman himself, there is a bit of weakness to this film – the length could use a few nips and tucks, but overall, I was very enthralled. I cannot wait to see it in IMAX later next week. It’s highly entertaining and visually exciting. The script is pretty good overall. The actors do a great job. Kevin Spacey is both comical, yet very menacing as future President of the United States, Lex Luthor (that’s in the comics yo). Kate Bosworth isn’t exactly Margot Kidder, but I thought she was decent as Lois Lane. And then there’s Supes himself, Brandon Routh. He somewhat emulates the late Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent, yet doesn’t play it quite as klutzy. And as Superman, he owns the part. Hopefully he sticks around for at least a couple more movies, ‘cause like Reeve, it appears he’s been born to play this role.


As for where I’d rank it in the all-time best superhero films, well here’s my list:


  1. Batman Begins
  2. Superman Returns
  3. X-Men II
  4. Superman
  5. Blade II
  6. Spider-man II
  7. Batman Returns
  8. Superman II
  9. Hellboy


Everything else has its moments, but these represent the best to me. Superman Returns reminds us that the world does need a savior, and is not afraid to tell us repeatedly (talk about allegory!)


Anyhow, if you’re a fan of Superman at all, then you’ll probably like this film. It’s just that good.


In a mediocre summer for blockbusters (so far), it’s nice to be reminded that a man can fly.