July 10th, 2006


Pirates - spoily

Too much slime.

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Personally, the *main* reason this fails for me as fun adventure-y summer fare is because the darkness weighs it down, and there is no clear person/group of people you're rooting for. All you know is you're not rooting for the government dude, or for Davy Jones.

So the thing is, I think I would have liked this movie better if I were NOT thinking of it as sequel, and looking for the things that made the first so good. Particularly the lightheartedness overall, and the far less complicated distinction as to who you're rooting for.

Earns a C, maybe a B.. see it in theatres if someone else is paying. Otherwise, you'll be fine with catching it on dvd, or not at all.

[Edit: Also, we had a good time laughing over what made us think of other movies while watching this one, which was extensive. Organ and Addams Family, futiley blowing at the fire and Indian Jones/Last Crusade, head coming off and Hocus Pocus, talking about Sparrow and Mean Girls...]