December 16th, 2006


"Big Screen" Top Ten Funniest Movies

I just watched a show on TVTropolis called the Big Screen Top Ten "Funniest Movies". I don't know who complied this list or what their criteria is but I disagree with almost all their choices. There's only one movie on the list that I think deserves to be on the funniest movie list and some of their choices I don't even consider funny in the least (they might be comedies, but they aren't funny). Here's the list they presented:

10 dumb & dumber
9 american pie
8 naked gun
7 there's something about mary
6 ace ventura
5 meet parents
4 wedding crashers
3 40 year old virgin
2 austin powers
1 this is spinal tap

I post it here to pose a few questions:
1) What do you agree with?
2) What do you disagree with?
3) What are your top ten funniest movies?

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10 dumb & dumber - should not be in the top 10
9 american pie - Not funny but entertaining
8 naked gun - I agree
7 there's something about mary - Was ok
6 ace ventura - overdone
5 meet parents - nope
4 wedding crashers - had its moments
3 40 year old virgin - I totally did not find this movie funny
2 austin powers - nope
1 this is spinal tap - have not seen this movie