March 5th, 2007

an unreasonable man - one person can make a difference

"An Unreasonable Man" is a documentary about activist and politician, Ralph Nader. Obviously meant to sway our opinion in favor of Ralph Nader, "An Unreasonable Man" isn't entirely a puff piece and certainly doesn't shy away from the resentment people feel for him. I expected an "Ode to Nader" and in fact it focused on his disappointments as much as his accomplishments.

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Beyond the Gates or Shooting Dogs - made me cry, and tremble with fear

"Beyond the Gates" also called Shooting Dogs, is the story refugees in the Ecole Techniques Officielle (ETO), a secondary Catholic School, in Kigali, Rwanda during the mass genocide of the Tutsi in of 1994. Told through the eyes of those people trapped behind the school gates, "Beyond the Gates" made me cry, tremble with fear and helped me see what our role was, as members of the U.N., passively standing by as hundreds of thousands of people died.
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Premonition - Oh yeah, I'm psychic

I must be psychic because I had a premonition about this movie and it came true! The plot of the movie came to me while relaxing in my living room. I was in a nearly comatose state, my attention solidly on the boob tube when, out of no where, there was a message, from whom, I do not know. It came to me, but in snippets. I consulted with my psychic message adviser (ok, it is my husband) and asked him what he thought this blessed premonition meant. I will not tell you the answer because he, in his magnificence, was able to put the pictures together and figure out the parts that were missing. I will share with you an important insight given to me by my wealth of psychic experience; you don’t need to pay $10 bucks to see “Premonition” in the theaters to see most of the movie and all of the important parts and to figure out the twists. Just be open to psychic messages coming to you though your television, crammed between segments of your favorite show and save yourself the money! Then thank Sony Movies for approving a trailer that tells you the entire plot, if you have imagination enough to figure out the five minute twist they left out! Directed by Mennan Yapo and written by Billy Kelly, “Premonition” is full of problems, from beginning to end.
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