March 19th, 2007

hell yeah
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casanova: a very good movie. it kindof reminded me of down with love ecause of all the semi-confusing character changes, but SD;LKJGFH love. summary: casanova's mother left him in venicewhen he was liek 8, saying she'd be back for him. {15 yrs later ish} casanova has become a manwhore that all the girls wanna have sex with, and he's KINDOF a legend. the church inquisitors are looking for him, but he has so many girls who want him to come back to have sex with them that he's never gotten caught. also, the whole no-one-knows-what-he-looks-like-cuz-he's-such-a-legend thing is helpful. so on one of these escape escapades he meets this girl whos rly smart but cant get into univeresities cuz its 177something and men are retarded. shes like only girl who doesnt want anything to do with him, so naturally, he wants everyhting to do with her. she's bethrothed, so he pretends to be her fiance and when her real fiance (who is fat and talks funny) come he pretends to be this women-enlightened author to him, and BLAH AWESOME. throughout this whole thing, the inquisition is capturing the wrong ppl, and its very amusing. in the end, the girl is kinfod mad when she finds out, but then casanova offers to die for her cuz she's really the women-enlightened author under a different name, and shes like AWWWW OK I'LL LOVE YOU BACK NOW but then theres the problem of the inquisition still, and now shes gonna die too, so right before they do, casanovas mom shows up w/ her hubbie, whos an actor and pretends to be this hotshot, but then they get found out, and run for it, and a different guy takes casanovas name so he can go sex it up with that one girl. very nice.
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