May 31st, 2007

Movie Help!

Hey there,

I watched a movie quite a while back - I believe it was an indie film in spanish/mexican/italian. Really not too sure, I can't remember! >.< In any case, I've been trying to search for some info on it, but I can't remember the title and I don't know any of the actors/actresses. I DO remember the plot though, so if any of you guys recognise it and know the name, do let me know. I'd owe you one! :)

Basically, it's about this child who lives with his father, who is neglectful/abusive. His mother left the relationship, but the boy sits by the door and counts to 1000 every night in hopes his mother will return by then, but she never does. The father meets a woman one day who's very kind to him and the boy, so eventually the boy begins to trust her. I think he told her why his mother left the relationship, so the woman ends up leaving the relationship as well for fear of getting abused. I remember the father is of course furious, so he beats the boy up...and I don't remember how it ends. But counting in front of the door till 1000 is a very big player in the plot.

So...yeah. If any of you guys have any idea what this movie's called, please let me know. I'd really really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! :)