July 18th, 2007


Queen Bad Ass

My all time favorite historical figure has got to be Queen Elizabeth I. She was one uncompromising bitch that took England from the relatively weak laughing stock that Henry made it to a spectacular world super power. She started the Empire.

Subsequently one of my favorite movies is Elizabeth. Cate Blanchett did an amazing job take the innocent, naive princess to a strong, powerful monarch. She was a woman completely in possession of her wits and will and bent the world over her knee, submitting to no man.

Well they've decided to make a sequel. I just watched the preview, and my is it breathtaking. I'm exceptionally excited. Her speeches are stunning and give you chills in their power and vehemency . "I have a hurricane inside me that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me!". Plus it has a really hot pirate Clive Owen. Jeffery Rush also reprises his role as Walsingham. He was absolutely frigid (in a good way) in the first. Manipulative, conniving, ruthless. Perfect Jeffery Rush. It also sports Tom Hollander (of Pirates of the Caribbean's Lord Cutler Beckett fame). I hope he plays a little turd of a man, because he's really good at it.

I present to you. Elizabeth: The Golden Age