June 3rd, 2008


May's Movies...

31. The Invasion (2007)- Great movie with a weak ending.  But worth watching! 4/5
"Lost" (2004) (Season 2)- I am an addict!  I am totally hooking into this show!  I don't think I should judge it or give it a rating until the end of the show.  It will either be the best television series ever made or a failure, all dependent on how they end this! 
"Lost" (2004) (Season 3)- 
Rosemary's Baby (1968)- I watched this with one of my husband. He fell asleep and told me that this is the slowest movie that he had ever seen.  It is slow for today's movie goer and I think Satan isn't as scary as he used to be!  But Mia Farrow ROCKS and I think this is a must see for all lovers of the horror genre. 4/5
King Kong (1933)- This film is MUCH scarier than I remembered.  Probably because we all grew up on the edited television version.  The special effects are primitive by today's standards...but the movie is still fun to watch.  Yes ANOTHER 4/5
Frankenstein (1931)- If you are a lover of Mary Shelly's story you WILL be disappointed.  The book is just SO much better!  But if you can allow this movie to stand on it's own, you will be a fan for life!  5/5 

I am finishing up the last season of Lost and will then begin watching alien space themed movies.