June 20th, 2008



 38.  I just finished watching a Finnish Supernatural/Horror film called Dark Floors. It had a lot going for it, decent acting, special effects and superb moody camera work. Did I mention plot? No? That's because it didn't have one! I don't think anybody knew what was going on. Especially the people who made this film.  After watching, we found out this was made by the Finnish Metal Band, Lordi. All the band members dress like monsters and those characters appear in the film. I could understand if this was some 2 hour music video/vanity piece. But there was no Lordi music in the film.  I give it a 2 out of 10. And that is because I am feeling generous.

39. I have never seen a story quite like it, and the mix of tragedy and comedy is amazing.  Things happen that you never see coming.  I highly recommend the movie The Signal.  But be warned, this tense and suspenseful film has A LOT of gore.  This might not be everyone's cup of tea.  The ending was less than satisfying but all in all the movie really works.  I give it a 7.5/10.  

40.  Have you ever watched a movie that is ALWAYS on the brink of greatness but NEVER gets there?  Well one of those movies is, Be Kind Rewind.   In my own opinion the idea of the whole movie, I thought, was brilliant.  But the film just never pulls together and is never really funny.  Several times I could feel a great set up occurring...the movie started to get funny and then BAM it falls flat.  If It wasn't for Jack Black this movie would be a totally miss.  Jack Black fans will probably want to check this out...just don't expect too much 3/10.