July 28th, 2008



Step Brothers: I’m not a huge fan of Will Farrell, but I had to see this. The movie started out really well, it was hilarious! But after an hour it got a little old. I wouldn't see this again but if you want a good laugh, see it. I guess it all depends on the sense of humor you have.


Fools Gold: I’m a big fan of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, but I found this movie really boring. I almost just turned it off about half way through but I didn’t in hope that it would get better. The movie wasn’t as bad as some movies I have seen but I really wouldn’t recommend wasting your time.

We Are Marshall: This was a really good movie. It kind of reminded me of Remember the Titans, even though the story was completely different. I definitely recommend this movie, I would definitely buy it.

August Rush: I absolutely loved this movie! I rented it randomly without even reading the back of the case, but I’m really glad I saw it. The story was different and really good. Robin Williams is in this movie, although I didn't really care for him in this role. Being a musician myself, I enjoyed seeing him grow into a great musician, his writing and such.

Into The Wild: This movie wasn’t at all what I expected, but I still liked it. I didn’t realize it was based on a true story until the end, which explains why they left you hanging. I felt like they drug out some parts longer than they should have so the movie is kind of long. I liked it, but probably wouldn't see it again.

21: Loved this movie! I recommended it to all my friends. It was interesting the entire way through and I love Kevin Spacey. I've already seen it twice and will probably buy it.