August 27th, 2008


review of 3 film

The Mist

Adaptation of Stephen King novel. I had been hearing about the ending since this thing came out, so prepping to watch it, all I knew was to be prepared for the ending. Beyond that, I had read the book when I was younger, but after years of drugs and...just having fun, I don't remember much from it.
Now, I shouldn't be able to fault the film for this, but I do. One of the reasons why I stopped reading King is because I hate the same folky, small town bullshit. The Mist recreates this in the supermarket perfectly, and I hate it for it.
Also, there was no sex. I don't care if there was no sex in the story...for the film, the blonde should've been taken over the check-out counter. Gimme an AMEN!
Kidding aside, I liked the movie, and one of the primary reasons was BECAUSE of the ending, not in spite of it. I don't want my movies to be a hand release. If I did, I would jerk myself with my left hand. It feels like someone else is doing it. The ending made the entire thing tragic and believable. I accepted it and cared about these characters-closed case.


Michael Clayton

Sometimes I like to fancy myself a pretentious movie viewer, and this is the kind of film I want to appreciate, but I didn't. I just didn't.
I like George Clooney...he's very likable in almost everything he does, and I didn't notice a unsatisfactory performance in the entire film, yet I got nothing from it. The first half of the movie, the editor was overly impressed with having the audio for the next scene lay over the current scene.
The pacing never needed to be so slow. Really, the way the entire story unfolded did nothing for me.


The Aristocrats

Docu about a lengendary joke as old as dad's underwear, discussed by today's top comedians.
The only time I laughed was when one guy was telling his version of this vulgar joke to his 7mnth old baby. That was hilarious. That said, I enjoyed the film. I liked watching comedians talk about their craft, and it pairs two things that I enjoy: documentaries and comedians.